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Welcome to http://intelsoft2000.com!

Home of Cyber-Informer™ PC Monitoring Software, Cyber-Cryptor™ Privacy Software, AAA Credit Secrets and other highly informative and educative informational eBooks! We have worked hard to put together a interesting & exciting website! There is something here for just about everyone, so have a look around and enjoy your stay!

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Click titles below to find out more about our investigation, secret monitoring, privacy and security software!

Cyber-Informer™ Spy on your spouse or keep an eye on your employees! Monitor your children's (or cheating spouse's!) activity while they are on the computer without them knowing! It even records every e-mail sent out!

Cyber- Cryptor™ Store your private files on your computer and keep them private! Professional tool made easy to use and affordable! One click encrypt/decrypt. All file types!

Click titles below to find out more about our informative eBooks full of really interesting information. BTW, most of them are available for FREE!

AAA Credit Secrets - Is a negative credit report ruining your life? Finally a proven system available for fixing and removing credit problems!

How to Trace FHA/HUD Mortgage Insurance Refunds - This highly informative ebook provides you with step by step details of how you can get started in making money on this little known, but highly profitable government program.

Obtain Your FBI Files Today! - Are You Now or Have You Been in the FBI FILES? The answer is, most likely, Yes! Just about everyone has their own FBI file.

How To Beat A Speeding Ticket - Have you ever received a speeding ticket and been found guilty in court? If yes, then chances are you were not using How To Beat A Speeding Ticket.

How To Buy Anything From The Government Dirt Cheap! - The vital information contained in this report will allow you to purchase just about anything you desire from the U.S. Government at rock bottom prices and sell it for huge profits!

How To Get VISA/MASTERCARD With No Credit Check - Credit agencies approve credit to those people who most closely match the right profile.

The Real X-Files - Secret UFO and mystery reports - A little bonus for those of you interested in the mysteries of the government, ufo's etc.

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